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Why choose Stoked Kiteboarding? We started Stoked to “Share the Stoke of our Passion”, and we intend to do just that. We are committed to getting our clients where they want to be as efficiently and safely as possible. Our goal is to create smart, safe, and independent riders. We coach using two-way radio communication helmets. This means instant feedback to start building good habits. We are stoked on kiteboarding and our goal is to get you stoked too!



We have put together some trips this spring and will have more later this year. Exploring new locations is part of our passion. We're really excited to share new kiting destinations with our friends and students. We will announce the destinations as soon as we have the details nailed down, but look for trips that break out of the old habits and explore new locations.

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About Us

Just a couple of guys who LOVE kiteboarding. We coach because we want to share the stoke we have for the sport with as many of you as we can.

Nick Ruchti - learn to kite

Nick Ruchti

Nick grew up barefoot waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing on the lakes of Minnesota. He cursed the wind because it meant he couldn’t do the things he loved. Then, on a trip to Mexico, Nick had his first kiteboarding lesson and was instantly hooked. He learned to respect the wind, grew out his hair to match his new beach bum persona, and hasn’t been able to think about anything else since. His favorite styles of riding are foilboarding and kitelooping, and his favorite local riding spots are Pelican Lake and Lake Mille Lacs. He’s an engineer by training and trade and is passionate about sharing the stoke of the wind with anyone who will listen. You can reach Nick directly by sending an email to


Scott Dritz kiteboarding instruction

Scott Dritz

Scott is a SoCal native who definitely prefers the warm water over the snow and ice of Minnesota. He travels as often as possible to check out new kiting destinations. Scott has also fallen in love with the smooth, deep powder-like ride of foilboarding. Foilboarding opens up a lot of days that aren't kiteable on a twin tip. Scott is passionate about sharing the stoke that kiting brings. He loves seeing that light bulb switch on when the student makes progress. Scott's home spot has recently moved to Tampa Florida where he continues to coach kiters and foilers alike. Additionaly, he's become a Lift eFoil Affiliate and is equipped to teach eFoiling and wing-foiling. You can reach Scott directly by sending an email to

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